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Air Dynamics has been serving Phoenix and Anthem, Arizona since 1983.

Air Dynamics is the most honest and trustworthy heating and air conditioning company in the Phoenix area. We maintain this position through consistent implementation and application of our core values and core purpose which is; to earn long term trust and confidence each day and with every interaction we have. This core principle remains fixed in all we do even while our business strategies and practices consistently adapt to the changing world. Providing professional, open and honest service that is targeted towards the results our client’s desire defines who Air Dynamics is, and this focus differentiates us from our competition.

Our clients are an integral part of our team. We strive, with every job we do, to deliver solutions that are creative and resourceful, working together with our clients using proactive, intentional and strategic thinking to obtain exactly the results they are looking for.

Air Dynamics operates with well-defined targets and objectives in mind. We understand the characteristics of operating within an ideal business environment and our systems support us in maintaining and functioning within these parameters. Our priorities and communications are kept relevant, measurable, clear and realistic which provides an effective means of delivering trust and confidence with every action in which we engage.

Air Dynamics is set apart from the competition by the standards which we adhere to:
1. Respect – Everyone we work with deserves to experience an environment where they are respected, appreciated and able to be successful. Every team member must respect each other’s role in the business as well as their time and space. Every team member must respect our clients, our suppliers and our place in the community. 2. Empowerment – All team members are empowered to access the resources they need to achieve the specific results of their position and thereby achieve job satisfaction and personal success.

3. Learn & Develop – All team members are required to make progress in relation to their knowledge and abilities as to not stagnate in their position. 4. Accountability – All team members are accountable for their work, task assignments and results. As soon as any team member knows that any of these may not occur as expected they are responsible to notify their manager that the expected result will not occur, what is needed and when the result can be expected. Accountability builds trust, teamwork and confidence.

5. Truth – All team members, all systems and the business will be measured based on consistent and objective evaluations. Each team member must strive to know what is true in order to make better and more relevant decisions. By integrating what is true into how we manage our systems, our people and our business, we add clarity to our evaluations, resolve to our solutions and objectivity to our results.

6. Innovation – All team members must continually seek to innovate within their role in the company. Especially when they or the company has identified ‘key frustrations’ that may negatively impact results.

7. Safety – All team members must put safety first. Each team member is responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others! 8. Harmony – All team members must work in harmony and support each other, our clients and the business. Each team member must help promote a harmonious team atmosphere. The well-being and security of our interactions is the cornerstone of our company culture.

9. Intention – All systems are developed and implemented with the intention of fulfilling the overall vision of our business. Our company and each team member must work proactively and act intentionally with collective focus on our vision and the specific results we are striving to achieve. 10. Professionalism – All business communications, whether verbal or visual, internal or external, must be professional in tone and content. Each team member must go about our business honestly, professionally and with integrity.

Air Dynamics is respected as the most honest and trustworthy company to do business with. We are well organized and able to deliver consistent and predictable results in every market segment in which we work. Air Dynamics is seen as a valuable and dependable asset to our community.

Each member of our team possesses the attributes of greatness. Collectively we allow for this greatness to be experienced by our clients; greatness in training, greatness in marketing, greatness in systems, greatness in human interaction. Greatness in all that we do. The world needs greatness in business and caring people who leave a worthwhile mark on the people and places they touch. This is what we are. This is how we earn long term trust and confidence each day and with every interaction we have.

Home Comfort & Showroom
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Enter our Home Comfort Showroom to educate yourself on various topics related to the benefits of HVAC products.  Information is available for the following products:

  • Heat Pumps
  • Air Conditioners
  • Variable Speed Air Handlers
  • Multi-Stage Furnaces
  • Gas Shut Off Valves
  • Surge Protectors
  • And more….

Client Testimonial

Thank you for the wonderful job on our addition. We have use a lot of air conditioning companies over the years and we are sure glad we called your company to give us a bid on our addition.

Daisy Mountain Air Conditioning, you gave us a bid and you worked with us all the way. Your kept your word on everything.

You have us a gave a date and time and your kept it, you even did all the clean up. Never has any company done that. We have never even written to any company before. Now we have someone who we can trust that is honest and has great professionalism.

Again Thank You,
Larry & Barbara Eastwood
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