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Residential Generators

Lennox™ Residential Generators offer dependable protection during unexpected power outages. With a complete line of residential generators and transfer switches, Lennox provides the ideal solution—safe, reliable, automatic backup power for your home that lets you live your life without interruption. To learn about how backup generators work and to choose the right size for your home, click here.

Below are our most popular systems. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific generator for your home and we will be delighted to assist you.

How It Helps

When the lights go out, so does your heating and cooling, creating a potentially dangerous and unhealthy situation in your home. To make matters worse, sump pumps stop working, which can lead to costly damage. You can also experience problems with your food spoiling, security system going down and family members getting hurt from falls.

How It Works

Unlike a portable generator, which can be dangerous and difficult to operate, a Lennox Residential Generator senses a power outage and starts up automatically.

Installed permanently outside your home, a Lennox generator runs on your liquid propane (LP) or natural gas supply and monitors incoming utility-line voltage. When power is interrupted, it immediately detects the problem and begins supplying electricity to your preselected circuits.

It restores power within as little as 10 seconds—no starter ropes, no extension cords, no hassles.

How to Choose the Right Size

Lennox Residential Generators are available in 12kW, 17kW and 30kW sizes. Choosing the right size for your home depends on what you need—or want—to keep running during a power outage. A smaller generator will supply plenty of backup power for your refrigerator, furnace, or air conditioner, lighting, television and computer. Our largest model will handle just about everything else, including multiple air conditioners, sump pump and security system.


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